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Cost Report Requirements Download
Cost Report HAF Schedule Download
ASC List as of 1/13/2005 Download
Claims Request Template Download
Claims Request Policy Download
Inpatient Rates (Updated 11/18/2004) Download Download
Inpatient Rates (Effective 10/1/2015) Download Download
Multivisceral Transplant Settlement Form Download
DSH and Supplemental Medicaid Payment History Download
SFYs 2014-15 Payments to Private Psychiatric Institutions Download
SFYs 2016-17 Payments to Private Psychiatric Institutions Download
DSH Eligibility Calculations
SFYs 2002/2003 Download
SFYs 2004/2005 Download
SFYs 2006/2007/2008/2009 Download
SFYs 2010/2011 Download
SFYs 2012/2013 Download
SFYs 2014/2015 Download
SFYs 2016/2017 (12.6.16 Draft) Download
DSH Audit - SFY 2005 & 2006 - 5/18/2009 Presentation to Providers Download
DSH Audit - Frequently Asked Questions Download


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