Case-Mix and Related Services

Providers may access the following information through this web page:

  • Provider Training - Information and registration details for upcoming training events.
  • Review Resources - Supportive Documentation Requirements, Newsletters & more.
  • CMS Links - Links to pertinent MDS and Nursing Home information.
  • Downloads - Cost Report templates for NF, ICF, ADHC, PRTF, TGH, and ABA provider types. Capital Re-Age Request form and instructions, and other related documents for provider filing purposes.

Contact Information

Case-Mix MDS Documentation Review and Report Questions

Help Desk
(800) 763-2278
Case-Mix NF Rate Setting and Cost Report Questions
Phone: (800) 374-6858
E-mail (NF):
E-mail (ICF):
E-mail (ADHC):
E-mail (PRTF):
E-mail (TGH):
E-mail (ABA):
E-mail (Cost Report Web Portal):

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