Current Maryland Pharmacy Reimbursement Rates

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The Maryland Department of Health has contracted with Myers and Stauffer LC, a national accounting and consulting firm, to provide and maintain the information necessary to assist the Department in transitioning to the new CMS reimbursement methodology requirements. The primary goal of the State’s contract with Myers and Stauffer LC, is to develop and maintain a comprehensive reimbursement methodology that offers Maryland Medicaid pharmacy partners accuracy, consistency, and transparency in the rate setting process while complying with the new federal mandates. The Department’s primary ingredient reimbursement will utilize the National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC) which is an actual acquisition cost reimbursement index calculated by CMS. In instances where no NADAC is available, a State Actual Acquisition Cost (SAAC) will be calculated by Myers and Stauffer through a comprehensive survey. As NADAC rates are updated and new state specific SAAC rates are developed, the rates will be available on this website. Please check this website regularly for a link to the most current NADAC rates and changes to the current SAAC lists.

Note: If there is no NADAC or SAAC rate, reimbursement will be at the current WAC.

If you have trouble opening or downloading the files listed below, please contact Myers and Stauffer LC at 800-591-1183 and ask for the Maryland pharmacy unit.

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