Mississippi Division of Medicaid

Pharmacy Rate Setting

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) has contracted with Myers and Stauffer LC, a national certified public accounting and consulting firm, to serve as its pharmacy rate setting vendor and to maintain the Mississippi Specialty Drug List. The pharmacy reimbursement methodology for DOM impacts both fee-for-service and MSCAN pharmacy claims. For State AAC reimbursement questions, or if a claim rejects as “No Rate On File”, please contact Myers and Stauffer’s Mississippi pharmacy help desk to request a rate to allow for claim payment. Myers and Stauffer can be reached by email at MSPharamcy@mslc.com, by phone at (800) 591-1183, or fax at (317) 571-8481. Please contact the claims processor for claim-specific questions.

DOM Specialty Drug List

Specialty drugs are defined by DOM, who is reevaluating the criteria which has been used to assign drugs/drug classes to this list. Effective, 7/1/2021, there are no drugs on the Specialty Drug List until further notice.
Note - An archive of all monthly Specialty Drug List is available on the ‘pharmacy reimbursement’ DOM website.